What to buy, what to buy?

Christmas is approaching and, if you’re anything like most people, there’s bound to be a host of friends and relatives whose gifts you agonize over every year. Does anyone really need another blender, or buffet set, or more socks? Choosing a gift that will be useful and appreciated is difficult, particularly when buying for older family who (if they’re anything like mine) probably have a lifetime of accumulated objects and tools and aren’t looking for any more.

We want to improve our loved one’s lives and enhance their comfort and happiness. What should we focus on when looking for a gift?



Health = Happiness

When we think about gifts we tend to think about comfort and convenience. Clothes, appliances, and other things to help make our loved one’s life easier and more comfortable.

Health is an obvious component of ease and comfort. Although that seems obvious, it’s easy to overlook. We all know someone who, whether through aging or a labor-intensive job, suffers stiffness and discomfort.

Muscle pain can be crippling, affecting every area of the sufferer’s life. You can’t sleep, you can’t do things you enjoy, and you miss out on important moments. Your entire quality of life suffers.

Mobility and comfort isn’t just about your body, it’s about enabling you to live your life the way you want to live it. Don’t let yourself or your loved ones be held back.


About our Massage Cushion

 Massage Cushion

Yes, this is part of a pitch, but hear me out. At TENKER we’ve thought about these issues, and we’ve dealt with them ourselves. That’s why along with our line of entertainment and leisure products we’ve also developed our distinctive Massage Cushion. It fits in perfectly with our philosophy of developing reliable, affordable, life-enhancing products that allow our customers to live their lives in fuller ways. We want to offer a variety of products that can provide for all areas of your life, whether your security, health, or entertainment.

We’ve made our Massage Cushion with that mission in mind. It can be used in a chair, in a vehicle, or on the floor for a full-body massage. It’s durable, powerful, and highly adjustable with multiple modes and options for different body types. You don’t need to take us at our word. To see the variety of uses our customers have found for our Massage Cushion you only need to look at our reviews.


Here are some of the uses our customers have found:

Massage chair                  massage seat                  massage

– Perfect for driving-intensive jobs like couriers or long-haul truckers. Lots of time at the wheel can mean a stiff back and poor posture. Regular massage helps correct these issues and keeps you on the road.

– Accident-related stiffness and discomfort. Life comes at you fast. Sometimes something as small as a fender-bender can affect your ability to comfortably sit or stand. Using our massage cushion can help relieve the pain associated with recovery.

– Back and neck discomfort that comes with aging. Support your parents’ and other relatives’ well-being by giving them an easy way to relieve tension and stiffness.

With multiple positions and settings, there’s many other applications for a portable, effective massage cushion. Get creative and adapt it to your needs. We think you’ll find you, or whoever you choose to share it with, will be grateful.


Check it out at our Amazon store here, and if you have any questions don’t be afraid to drop us a line on our live chat at TENKER.co